Key advantages for the customer as user

The significant difference you will see in performance between state of art cars of today and the S2AB car, comes by the novel & unique function of the @gsp3; Gyroscopic Stability Program. Today no car in production has a suspension topology that free of charge delivers this @gsp^3!! –Gyroscopic Stability Program – Gyroscopic Stability Power – Gyroscopic Stability Performance.

S2AB @gsp^3 suspension invention are improving in 4 – Dimensions;

  1. Safety in traffic & reduction of accidents; substantial improvements
  2. Driving pleasure & passion for the car; significant & easy to feel
  3. Environment, i.e reduction of PM 2.5 & 10 minimum 50% reduction
  4. Economy & monies For OEM & Car Owner

Key advantages for the customer as user

High traction capability, i.e. safety mobility 

 Better vehicle control, i.e. active safety                                                          

 Less vibrations from chassis and road,
i.e. pleasant ride for relaxed driving                                                                                      

 Less fuel consumption, particularly for modern low aspect ratio tires, i.e. driving economy

Less tire wear, i.e. driving economy 

 Key advantages for the customers as the OEM

Modular approach with same parts for non-driven and driven rear suspensions, i.e. low investment to meet requirements for entry- and upscale vehicle variants. 

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