HCCI at a glance

The S2AB 5-link wheel suspension with extraordinary performance, branded HCCI, i.e. Homogenous Contact Compression Interaction with granted patents in Sweden, Germany, France, Great Britan, USA and Japan.  The PTC application scored high on all three requirments;  “Novelty”, “Inventive step” and “Industrial applicability” for all claims.

 The S2AB High-Tech HCCI Suspension provides new levels of traction capability and minimized tire losses. Our patented HCCI design has the capability of maximizing structural bonding of the tire-to-road contact. The physical foundations are based upon an extended view of Van der Waals forces as well as from inertial control of sprung masses for the purpose of reduced harm from rollover accidents with cars, trucks and SUVs.

Mainstream rear suspension forces the wheel to «toe-in» at bump, while the S2AB HCCI let the wheel go «toe-out» at bump. The toe-out at bump is an essential feature of the HCCI topology and provides a much higher level of vehicle control.

The HCCI is a mechanical solution and operates independently from any other stability devices such as ESP. In fact it eliminates the need for an ESP (or similar) due to the capability of maximizing structural bonding of the tire-to-road contact concurrently with using the vertical stochastic road impact at tire peak performance reduce the tire to road lateral slip angle with at a high frequency such that the operation compares in the lateral direction as the ABS acts in the longitudinal direction.

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