S2AB Suspension Approach – 1 Gyroscopic Stability Power @gsp^3

@gsp; Gyroscopic Stability Power. Today no car in production has a suspension topology that delivers @gsp^3! SAAB 9000 with @gsp^3 was the latest in production, 1984 to May 6, 1998. Total production 503,087. All later SAAB lost the @gsp^3 functionality!

Gyroscopic Stability Program; The choice of Suspension Topology is instrumental,

  ¤S2AB IP methodology, offers an easy road to make the correct suspension   design, in very short time, always hitting the perfect pitch!

Gyroscopic Stability Power; This power we get free of charge! More important is   that Gyroscopic Precession Power, makes your mind and soul alert & relaxed!

Gyroscopic Stability Performance; #Road Holding & Vehicle Handling, Lower Tire-wear & Tire to Road Noise, Lower Rolling Resistance, Short new Car design process.