@gsp^3; Gyroscopic Stability Program. Today no car in production has a suspension topology that free of charge delivers this @gsp^3! – Includes;

Gyroscopic Stability Program;   The choice of Suspension Topology is instrumental,

  ¤S2AB IP methodology, offers an easy road to make the correct suspension   design,  always hitting the perfect pitch!

  ¤Revers Kinematics and S2AB choice of Elasto-kinematics with intelligent   tuning of Chocks are part of our program.

  ¤Thinking “CounterStear” even on Cars is of importance!

Gyroscopic Stability Power; This power we get free of charge! More important is   that this power, makes your mind and soul alert & happy & strong!

  ¤It will be proven that this real @gsp has the 4 Dimensional Impact as is   claimed!

Gyroscopic Stability Performance; All included in the 4@Dimensions as it have   been described!